Article from the May 2005 edition, the Socialist
paper of the Socialist Party, the CWI in Ireland.

Why I joined

EVERY DAY I see new problems, global issues that our governments fail to act against. Global issues; illegal wars for oil in the middle east, supported by our so called democratic government, the ongoing destruction of precious natural resources, the increased effect of global warming, poverty in less developed areas of the world, the continuing spread of HIV/AIDS. And there are problems closer to home, sectarian and racist violence, the failure of our corrupt politicians to cooperate and basic issues such as low pay, directly affecting me.

These, and many other problems aren't going to 'sort themselves out', the polarised, sectarian politics of Northern Ireland certainly do not hold the answer. It was only when I was handed a Socialist Youth leaflet on my way home from school one day that I thought about taking action. I was interested by the claim that capitalism was to blame for these problems, I had never thought of this as a cause. So, accompanied by my friend, Gavin Knox, I attended an SY meeting on 'The Case for Socialism Today' in Enniskillen. This provided me with the answers to my questions. I made the decision to join Socialist Youth. Through this movement I hope to take action and make a real difference. You can't wait for other people to resolve problems, or for the problems to resolve themselves, you must take it upon yourself to act, for yourself and for the people.

Manus Cross, Enniskillen

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