Article from the May 2005 edition, the Socialist
paper of the Socialist Party, the CWI in Ireland.

CPSU conference

Management's "partnership" scam exposed

by Terry Kelleher, CPSU Trustee

THIS YEAR'S Civil, Public and Services Union (CPSU) conference reflected a growing confidence among activists. Conference took place as management in the public service are trying to force through their agenda over the heads of the union branches, by using partnership committees.

Delegates expressed their concerns regarding the direction of "partnership" in the workplace. Far from experiencing "partnership", activists are seeing their voices ignored and management's agenda being the only real agenda implemented on the ground. The reality, as stated by the left in the union, is that "partnership" means pro-business and anti-worker. The withholding of benchmarking payments is threatened if local branches refuse to co-operate with management's plans. Motions were passed criticising "partnership" and calling for a full review of the impact of "partnership" committees on industrial relations.

Conference passed a motion unanimously instructing the Executive Committee and the General Secretary not to enter talks for a new wage deal until the An Post members get paid the present wage deal in full. Also delegates angrily debated the government decision to place mobile phone masts on government buildings.

An emergency motion supporting the GAMA workers was enthusiastically passed by delegates. A fringe meeting on "social partnership" and mobile phone masts was attended by more than 30 delegates.

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