Article from the November 2005 issue of the Socialist
newspaper of the Socialist Party, Irish section of the CWI

Cork strikers threatened with jail

By Councillor Mick Barry

FORMER WORKERS of McSweeney Bacon Curers Ltd, Blackpool, Cork, are to be dragged in front of the High Court on 22 November as their former employer Mr Joe McSweeney seeks an injunction to prevent them from picketing the factory premises in pursuit of an improved redundancy package.

The nine workers currently picketing the plant received only the minimum statutory redundancy payments when the factory was shut at only a few hours notice in July.

This is despite the fact that McSweeney is set to make a multi-million euro killing from the sale of the factory premises to property developers Frinailla.

The men have made it very clear that they would be willing to face prison rather than give up their campaign for fair redundancy pay. One of the men who could face prison if the courts grant an injunction, is actually Joe McSweeney's brother-in-law!

Strong support exists for the men in Cork city and the community will rally around them Rossport-style if anyone is sent to jail.

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