Article from the October 2005 issue of the Socialist
newspaper of the Socialist Party, Irish section of the CWI

78 day occupation - Wins Tullybeg workers wages

By Susan Fitzgerald
IN THE last few issues of the Socialist we reported on the courageous struggle of the Tullybeg workers who occupied the nursing home where they worked. After 78 days they finally received their outstanding wages holiday pay and statutory redundancy.

Spokeswoman Bridie Delaney told the Socialist "We're relieved it's over but it's not a victory as such, we fought for and received nothing more than our due money. It was a real eye opener, at my age I thought I knew what there is to know, but I learned that workers have very little protection, bosses can do what they want. I've also learned that if you don't stick together, you have nothing. If we had pursued individual cases I believe we would have got nothing".

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