Article from the October 2005 issue of the Socialist
newspaper of the Socialist Party, Irish section of the CWI

Politicians fail to show

"RIP-OFF Republic Comes To Churchfield: Pool Prices Too High!" was the title of a public meeting held in the Farranree Community Centre on Cork's Northside on 4 October.

The meeting was well-attended in one sense and very poorly attended in another: more than 45 people attended but there were three empty seats at the top table where the three northside Councillors who were invited to attend were meant to sit.

Anger was expressed at the failure of Dave McCarthy (FF), Patricia Gosch (FG) and Michael O'Connell (Lab) to attend or even send reps. All three are members of the board of Leisureworld which runs the new PPP Churchfield swimming pool/gym facility and which charges 6.10 an hour for a swim, 70 cent for use of the children's slide and has no concession rates for pensioners, the unemployed or students after 4pm Mon-Fri or at all on weekends and holidays.

The campaign was initiated by Socialist Party councillor Mick Barry but has now become the property of activists from the community who have elected a six person committee and named the campaign the Affordable Leisure Facilities (ALF) campaign.

The campaign will picket a meeting of Cork City Council ("if they will not come to us we will go to them") and meet again before the end of November.

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