Article from the Mar. 2005 issue of the Socialist
newspaper of the Socialist Party, Irish section of the CWI

Stop attacks on left-activists in Israel

by Oisin Kelly,
UCD Student Union Council member

IN AN attempt to prevent the election of left-wing students the students' union leadership and the authorities in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have intimidated students and sacked a member of staff.

Members of our sister-party in Israel/Palestine, Maavak Sozialisti, are a part of the Student Social Front slate in the student union elections. This group brings together Israeli and Palestinian young people in a fight for a student union that will bring a campaigning approach to seriously challenge the university's policies. The Student Social Frontā is also challenging the pay and privileges received by the full-time student union officers.

Due to the support received by the Student Social Front, the university authorities have resorted to intimidation to protect a compliant pro-establishment union leadership. The university has sacked Daniel Dukarevich, a member of staff whois a supporter of the group. Security prevented meetings from taking place and removed posters and leaflets of the Student Social Front candidates. One candidate has had his right to extra time in assessments that he is entitled to as a Palestinian Arab-speaker, removed. There is also a fear that the authorities will stop scholarships to left-activists.

This attack is designed to discourage Israeli and Palestinian students from organising an alternative to the rotten right-wing union leaders and challenging the policies of the university management and the government.

The Socialist Party calls for the immediate re-instatement of Daniel Dukarevich and for an end to the university's intimidation of left-wing activists. International protests have been organised by the CWI including a Socialist Party solidarity protest outside the Israeli embassy in Dublin. UCD Socialist Party members moved a motion on the student union council opposing the repression which was passed with one abstention.

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