Article from the Feb. 2005 issue of the Socialist
newspaper of the Socialist Party, Irish section of the CWI

Socialist candidates to run in local election

A NUMBER of Socialist Party candidates have already been nominated to run in the local elections, now set for 5 May.

Jim Barbour, well known local leader of the Fire Brigades Union, has been nominated to run in the Laganbank area of South Belfast. Jim has been actively campaigning in the area in opposition to the cuts in education and is heavily involved in building the We Won't Pay Campaign to resist water charges.

East Belfast members have nominated Tommy Black to stand in the Pottinger ward. Tommy has been prominent in setting up We Won't Pay groups in the Newtownards Road/Bloomfield and Cregagh districts.

Jim and Tommy both ran in the Assembly elections. Branches in other areas, including the Balmoral ward in Belfast, Enniskillen and a number of other towns, are now discussing fielding candidates and a full slate is expected to be agreed by the party's Regional Committee before the end of February. The party has not yet decided whether or not to contest the Westminster election.

The major parties are determined that these elections will be the usual sectarian headcount. The Socialist Party is standing to make sure that working class people have an alternative and to see that the issue of water charges and the building of a mass non payment campaign is put right up the agenda.

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