Article from the Jan 2005 issue of the Socialist , newspaper of the Socialist Party, Irish section of the CWI

Queens -putting socialism on agenda

by Kathryn Lonergan Queens Socialist Society

If we have anything to thank George Bush for it is that there has been a greater sense of political awareness of the injustices in the world among the students at Queen's this year.

Many students have turned to the open meetings of the Socialist Society as a way to voice their opinions and frustrations, and through various campaigns we have created awareness and consciousness among the student body.

We now have a strong group of active members and regular attendants of our meetings. Working alongside Queens' Students Against the War, we have organised panel discussions on the future of Iraq and participated in several anti-war rallies held in the wake of the invasion of Fallujah.

Our five elected members on the Student Council, despite opposition from various parties, have managed to pass several motions successfully. The Student Council now supports a socialist Iraq and is affiliated to the "We Wont Pay Campaign" against the water charges.

At a time when student politics at Queens seems to be increasingly dogged by sectarianism, the Socialist Society is emerging as the only progressive group dealing with issues that are affecting students today - everything from the situation in the Holylands area to the recent controversy surrounding the Ukrainian elections. All that we can hope for as a Society is that 2005 is as productive as the past few months have been!

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