Article from the Jan 2005 issue of the Socialist , newspaper of the Socialist Party, Irish section of the CWI

NIPSA General Council Elections

VOTE "Time For Change"

by Carmel Gates

Members of NIPSA (Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance) are about to vote in an election for the General Council of the union

Last year's election ended with a majority for the old conservative faction in the union organised in an election pact under the title Reclaim Your Union (quickly renamed Restrain Your Union by NIPSA wits).

That leadership ruled during a year which saw the civil service pay dispute go down to a defeat and union resources for members further cut. NIPSA members are asking questions about the performance of the old leadership and many will take the opportunity to kick out the old gang and replace them with a new fighting leadership.

Opposition to the old regime is getting stronger. Time For Change, a broad based group of activists from across the union representing the interests of low paid members, has been increasing its support through the last 2-3 years. Time For Change is campaigning to take a majority on the Council this year.

TFC can appeal to the genuine desire of members for a leadership that advances their interest., They can put dozens of activists on the ground to do the election work and they can be sure that the record of their opponents will catch up with them.

Seven Socialist Party members are running as part of the Time For Change group. These are:


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