Article from the Jan 2005 issue of the Socialist , newspaper of the Socialist Party, Irish section of the CWI

Saying no to education cuts

by Sean Padraig, Belfast Socialist Youth

SPIRITS WERE high amongst Socialist Youth members in Belfast as they picketed the Belfast Education and Library Board for obediently introducing the cuts the New Labour government demanded.

The picket was timed purposely to coincide with a meeting of the BELB, but terrified of negative publicity, they changed the scheduled time and venue of their meeting after they discovered that we would be holding a picket.

Public support was evident in the fact that a number of passing cars beeped their horns, members of the public talked to us sympathetically and a bus driver employed by the BELB displayed a poster of ours in the window of his bus.

By Patrick Meehan, Omagh Socialist Youth

THE WESTERN Education and Library Board has so far refused to implement cuts in their area, because of their fear of a negative public reaction.

Socialist Youth in Omagh picketed their meeting on 8 December, to put pressure on them not to give in to the government's demands.

Ten members and supporters of Socialist Youth were on the picket line with placards and leaflet Board staff and passers-by to inform them about the threat to our education system.

We got a great reaction, except from a number of rich bureaucrats driving in and out in their posh cars!

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