the Socialist, Jan. 2005, contents page

Iraq elections: No democracy, no peace
by Matt Waine
LIKE THE buildings of Fallujah, the election plans of US imperialism lie in rubble.
N. Ireland Assembly Is it gone for good?
By Ciaran Mulholland
AS 2005 opens, the Peace Process is once again in deep crisis.
Sacked airport workers' tribunal: Employers & union officials in the dock
by Peter Hadden
AFTER A long delay, the sacked airport security workers finally were able to have their case against their employer, ICTS, heard at an Industrial Tribunal at the end of last year.

'Socialist' Bertie fleeces the Old Sick and poor
Anti-bin charges campaign - Pay by use - a fraud and rip off
Dublin Airport: SIPTU support privatisation! by Michael O'Brien
Proper funding for Education
by Brian Booth, NIPSA Branch 517 South Eastern Education & Library Board
Saying no to education cuts
by Sean Padraig, Belfast Socialist Youth
Netherlands: Racist attacks increase
No library closures
By Jim Rutherdale, NIPSA worker in the BELB
LIBRARIES THAT serve working class communities in Belfast face closure.
Joe Higgins Column - Berties 'socialism' Nipsa General Council Elections:- VOTE "Time For Change"
by Carmel Gates

Editorial: Abbas election - a new future for Palestinians? Rash of new mobile masts An Post strike: 8,000 show postal workers' power
by Terry Kelleher, CPSU Trustee
What we stand for Cancel the debt: Money for reconstruction not war
Queens University - putting socialism on agenda
by Kathryn Lonergan Queens Socialist Society

School students All work and no play
by Stephen Rigney, Dublin SY

scrooges of the year award
By Daniel Waldron Socialist Youth organiser
Eye-Witness Account Ukraine "Orange Revolution"
Building support for Non-payment
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