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IN A move that has disgusted the student body in UCD, President Hugh Brady has spent over Euro1.5million of the university's funding on refurbishing his home, Belfield Lodge.

This comes in the current climate of cutbacks in funding to third level education, and cutbacks in the education sector as a whole. Last year the UCD budget was cut back by 10%, affecting both students and staff. This was followed by a 10% rise in postgraduate fees and the continuing rise in registration fees. Yet Brady and the college's unrepresentative governing authority thought fit to plough students' money into adding, amongst other things, a gym and jacuzzi to the President's lodgings.

ON 28 October Mary Kelly was found guilty of "criminal damage" for her action against a US warplane refuelling at Shannon Airport. She is due to be sentenced on 1 December. The judge refused to hear the main argument of the defence - that she was acting to prevent the killing of innocent people in Iraq. The judge incredibly stated that the Iraq war was irrelevant to the case. It's Bush and Blair who should be in court as war criminals along with the Irish politicians who have assisted in the murder of 100,000 Iraqis by allowing 350,000 US troops to travel through Shannon - not Mary Kelly.

ON THE 8 November 60 skateboarders protested outside Cork City Hall to demand that the Council build a fully equipped skatepark in the city centre. The Council had a few weeks previously voted 23-7 against a skatepark at Kennedy Park. Skaters were very angry at being rejected like this especially since Cork is European Capital of Culture next year. The message from the skateboarders was what about youth culture?

SOCIALIST YOUTH in Omagh is continuing its "End Low Pay" campaign after the successful picket at SuperValu in the town, which forced this employer to increase its wages for young workers.

We have identified a fast food restaurant which is paying its 16-year-old workers below the pitiful minimum wage of 3/hour which came into effect at the start of October this year. These workers are also not being provided with itemised payslips, which is completely illegal.

If this employer does not significantly improve the pay and conditions of its young workers, Socialist Youth will take action to name and shame the establishment to force them to pay their employees a decent wage.

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