Socialist Youth Public Meeting

The Ideas of Che Guevara

2pm Sat 24th June - Top of the Town, Omagh

Almost 40 years ago the Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara was murdered in the Bolivian jungle by the CIA.

Yet he remains more than ever a symbol of struggle for those struggling and fighting against the same inequalities that he dedicated his life to getting rid of - poverty, racism, and ultimately capitalism and imperialism. Even while this leaflet is written, 500,000 students are on strike and occupying schools in Chile against Government attacks on their education. At one school in Santiago, students have hung a massive banner quoting Che Guevara: "We are realists; we demand the impossible!". Throughout Latin America a continental revolt is taking place against the free market policies dictated by US imperialism and the corrupt ruling classes in the region. These movements of the workers, urban and rural poor and youth are awash with the image of Che, who is still seen as a principled fighter for the oppressed. The now infamous T-shirts of Che Guevara are not just a trend, but are symbolic of the respect and admiration he has among radicalized youth.

But who was Che Guevara and more importantly, what lessons can we learn from his life in order to fight for and achieve the socialist world that he and other revolutionaries gave so much for? These are the questions which will be discussed at this public meeting. As more and more people are drawn into the fight against the realities of capitalism - the occupation of Iraq, environmental destruction, cuts in our education and health services and attacks on our working and living conditions.

Che Guevara once said "it is not for revolutionaries to stand in the doorways of their homes waiting for the corpse of imperialism to pass by". We agree with this we are involved in the fight against capitalism from our fightback campaign which attack scrooge employers to our recent protest at CIA torture flight using Belfast airports. If you want to get involved in the fight against capitalism and building a socialist alternative come to our meeting and join us!!!

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But these problems are symptoms of the poverty and inequality which is guaranteed under the profit system we live in - capitalism. Socialist Youth believes that the great resources and technology which exists today should be taken out of the hands of the rich few and owned and managed democratically by working class people to cater for the needs of people and the environment, in other words a socialist society.

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