This page will carry some material on the representatives of the Socialist Party, including statements by them on various issues.

Update, July 16th 2003.

Socialist Party on the War

A number of statements on the Gulf War are carried in our War Reports section.

Clare Daly attacks job losses.

On May 2nd Clare condemned the threats to jobs in her North Dublin constituency.

Socialist Party on the War

Joe Higgins spoke in the Dail on Wednesday 29th January in opposition to the continued abuse of Irish facilites at Shannon to help their armed forces. The reports can be read here.

Launch of the Alliance Against Nice

Sept. 19th 2002. A joint campaign linking the Socialist Party and a number of other groups to mobilise the NO Vote in the forthcoming Nice Referendum in the South has been launched. A statement by Joe Higgins and other material on the campaign is available.

One of the reasons we were so pleased to see Joe Higgins successful return to the Dail was because of his ability to sharply expose the crass stupidity and corruption of the capitalist class. To read him in action, see his contribution to the Ansbacher Report debate.
In addition to that speech Joe has issued statements on the NICE referendum and on the debate over waste disposal in the South and on the closure of Ardagh Glass. The Nice statement is important for the future political/military developments in the South, while the waste disposal concerns taxation of the working class as well as the environment.

Congratulations to Joe Higgins TD, and the other 4 great candidates of the Socialist Party In the election to the Dail on May 17th Joe Higgins was elected with a 21% of the vote in his constituency (don't forget this was a proportional representation style of election.) In Dublin North Clare Daly went from under 3000 votes to 5,501, and was in the running until literally the last count of this election. As the chanting went at the election count, 'We'll get it next time.' For an initial response to the election, we've reprinted an article from the paper of the Socialist Party in England and Wales. We've also got a number of other documents from the campaign there, the manifesto, etc. There will be a detailed analysis by the Irish Party in the next few days. We've all had to take a brief break before getting back in to the struggle to build the socialist alternative here.