Troubled Times Contents list

Troubled Times, The national question in Ireland

By Peter Hadden

How did Ireland's national problem arise? What was the reason for partition? Does the British ruling class really want to pull out? Must the working class always be divided on this issue? This landmark publication looks again at Irish history right up to the present. It refutes much of what has become the accepted wisdom of current academics who see no way of overcoming the sectarian division. It offers something unique - a programme on the national question to unite, rather than divide the working class. For those seeking ways in which the national problem can be overcome, this challenging book is a must. First published in 1995.


Section 1: Early Years

Chapter 1: Early history
Chapter 2: Roots of partition
Chapter 3: Rise of working class
Chapter 4: Revolutionary events
Chapter 5: Strategy of ruling class
Chapter 6: Partition carried through
Chapter 7: Treaty negotiation

Section 2 Forever divided?

Chapter 8: Two sectarian states
Chapter 9: Two nations?
Chapter 10: Mood for change
Chapter 11: After the troubles
Chapter 12: A programme for today

Section 3 Marxism and the national question

Chapter 13: International situation
Chapter 14: Finding a solution
Cover page of this book. Unfortunately it's out of print, but it's now available here.