Archive articles from Socialist Voice, paper of the SP in Ireland.

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November-December 2002

Editorial on the Firefighters dispute

Report by Ian Beard,

an FBU rep. in Belfast

Support the Firefighters

McCreevy’s Cuts

Anti-war campaign

American Socialist’s on Bush’s War

News from Italian anti-war protest by 1 MILLION

More on the corrupt establishment in the South

Bin charges Campaign update

Students in USI Fees protests

CityJet layoffs

Marvellous NIPSA Election Result

Joe Higgins on the Labour Party ‘leadership’ change

Garda corruption


USI – anti fees campaign

October 2002 edition of Socialist Voice


Closure of Harland and Wolffe

Bin Charges Campaign update

Nice Referendum update

Collapse of the Assembly

History: Out Door Relief Riots, 1932

Union reports: NIPSA and layoffs

Anti-privatisation campaign

Opposition to Gulf War

Student Fees

Build a Workers Alternative


There is also an article from the Socialist, paper of our cdes in Britain, on the
collapse of the NI Executive. This is written by Peter Hadden, Northern Regional Secretary.
A slightly earlier article on the same subject is provided by Ciaran Mulholland

June 2002

A general report of the excellent electoral intervention by the SP.
Some notes on the local campaigns of the five Socialist Party candidates.
An analysis of the sectarian violence which has erupted in North and East Belfast.
An analysis of the developments in the Middle East
Developments in the unions.May Day report, strikes, etc.
An analysis of the developments in the Middle East
Blair's Economic con trick
Growth of Socialist Youth in Derry and Bangor.
An article on the appearance of the fascist British National Party in Belfast.

March 2002 edition of Socialist Voice

NHS in Northern Ireland


Scandals in the South


Abortion Referendum results

Kevin McLaughlin

General Election candidates and why you should vote Socialist.

Steven Boyd and others

Bin charges Campaign with Fingal Council updates

Michael Murphy and others

Private Finance Initiative (Privatisation)

Peter Hadden

Assembly Pay

Carol Barnett

Tourist Board 'Bonus' schemes

Ciaran Crossey


Michael O'Brien

November 2001

An editorial on the world economic situation.
A report on sectarian developments.
An analysis of the war in Afghanistan by Stevie Boyd.
Slipping into a quagmire, by Michael O'Brien.
Growing opposition to the war.
A report on the October 2001 Socialist Party Conference. This was held in Dundalk and was very well attended by comrades from all over Ireland.
The latest crisis in Aer Lingus is dealt with.
The attacks on two leading left trade union activists in the Amalgamated Transport Union and discussions on the possible creation of a new union here are important to all workers.
A brief report, by Kevin Simpson of the CWI, on the latest escalation of the war in Palestine-Israel.

August 2001.

Some of the articles include
Reports on the aftermath of Genoa:
The current developments in Northern Ireland
An editorial on world economic developments.
Developments in one of Ireland's largest unions, read about the fightback against the Amalgamated Transport Union witchhunt. New Labours attacks on the British working class are dressed up by the newspeak term, read about the Private Finance Initiative.

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