SOCIALIST YOUTH - Belfast leaflet May 2006

Stop Irish Govt deporting innocent people to Afghanistan

41 Afghan men and youth are currently in their sixth day on hunger strike in Dublin against attempts by the Irish Government to deport them to the war-torn country of Afghanistan where they face death threats.

The men, who include eight school students, have been rejected refugee status and believe they have no choice but risk their own lives before being deported to Afghanistan. They have been occupying St. Patricks Cathedral in Dublin where they are demanding the right to stay and live in peace in Ireland. Six of the men have been hospitalised so far. But Bertie Ahern and the rest of his cronies in the Irish Govt. are preparing to use the state machinery to forcably remove the men from St. Patrick's Cathedral.

The Irish Government refuses to see that Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countires in the world, which has been torn apart by invasions and civil wars for decades. Only yesterday over 100 were reported to be killed in the ongoing war in Afganistan. Even the Irish Dept. of Foreign Affairs advises Irish citizens not to travel to Afghanistan because it is too dangerous!

Socialist Youth in Dublin has initiated Schhol Students Against Deportations and is organising school students to walk-out of school in solidarity with their school friends who have been forced go on hunger-strike against their deportation. Socialist Youth will be organising solidarity action together with other activists across the country. If you are interested in geting involved contact us at 90232962 today.

War and poverty force millions of desperate people to flee thier homes to seek a decent life free from persecution and misery. This is a direct result of the actions of the warmongering Western imperialist powers and the system they defend - the capitalist profit system.

Socialist Youth believes working class and young people of all nationalities, religious and ethnic backgrounds should unite to fight against this system which cannot deliver for the vast majority of people. We are fighting for a socialist world, where the great wealth and technology which exists, is owned and democratically run by working class people to cater for people's and the environment's needs, and not those of a tiny greedy super-rich minority.

We demand:

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