An email passed on by the American cdes, December 3rd.

Appeal from the Union of the Unemployed in Iraq- UUI

We condemn the arrest of Qasim Hadi, leader of the Union of the Unemployed in Iraq-UUI and Adil Salih, member of the leading committee of UUI by the US forces in Baghdad, Iraq.

On the night of November 23rd., 2003, a US military force in Baghdad arrested Qasim Hadi, president of the union of the unemployed in Iraq and Adil Salih, member of UUI leading committee.

It is not the first time that the US administration in Iraq arrests trade union leaders and activists of the working class movement. Throughout July and August this year, and during a 45-day-Sit-in protest in Baghdad organized by the UUI, the US forces arrested Qasim Hadi with 54 of the union members. This action is against all values and principles of human rights, and a clear violation of the rights of association, organization, and of political freedoms. Here, the question arises: whose interests does the US administration serve by the arrest of workers activists?

Is it for the interest of Political Islamists who, in several occasions, threatened the UUI for defending workers rights, and attacked its peaceful demonstration in the city of Nasriyah?

Qasim Hadi and the union activists lead many protests of the unemployed people in front the CPA (Civil Provincial Authority) in Baghdad for 50 days to achieve their just demand of either providing suitable jobs or unemployment insurance for millions of unemployed people and their deprived families.

Because of the US invasion to Iraq, millions of people had lost their jobs. Poverty, deprivation, lack of security, hunger, now rules the country. UUI is the biggest union that represents the unemployed people of Iraq. The attack on the UUI and its leader clearly shows that the US war against Iraq had nothing to do with human rights, weapons of mass destruction, liberation of Iraqi people, or democracy. The daily experience of the people in Iraq proves this fact. The US simply wants to impose its New World Order, dominance and hegemony on the whole world.

We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Qasim Hadi and Adil Salih from US prisons in Baghdad. The US administration doesn't only lack any legitimate right to arrest these activists, but also has no right to occupy Iraq in the first place and continue its terrorism and warfare against its people.

We demand the immediate departure of the US and all occupying forces from Iraq. They should leave the country for its unions, women organizations and progressive Iraqi people, who will defend their interests.

We call on all freedom-loving people, trade unions, political parties and human rights organizations worldwide, to demand, from the US administration, the immediate release of Qasim Hadi, leader of UUI and his comrade Adil Salih. We urge them also to demand the Americans to respect political and civil rights and freedoms in Iraq.

Union of the Unemployed in Iraq-UUI
Aso Jabbar, Abroad Representative

Bern, Switzerland
26. November 2003
Protest letters to

Mr. Paul Bremer
U.S. Civil administrator in Baghdad
through US-Embassy in Switzerland
Jubilaumstreet 93, Post Box
3001 Bern

Please send us a copy.

Address: UUI, Post Box 325, CH-3000 Bern 11,
Tel :0044 78 882 55 89