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On 24 May elect campaigners with unrivalled records

Stephen Boyd in the Socialist, May 2007

On 24 May you will have the opportunity to vote for and elect Socialist Party candidates who have been tireless campaigners for working class people. Joe Higgins TD has been the real opposition to the government for the last ten years. You can strengthen that opposition by electing other Socialist Party TDs to join Joe in the Dail.

For ten years Fianna Fail and the PDs have governed on behalf of big business and the rich. Through neglect and their support for privatisation we have major crises in the health service, education, housing, and transport. Fine Gael and Labour in power would continue with the same pro-big business agenda. The Greens and Sinn Fein portray themselves as anti-establishment, but both parties have said they are prepared to go into government with either Fianna Fail or Fine Gael, they aren’t fussy which anti-working class government they prop up.

Winning more seats in the Dail will help the Socialist Party to fight on the real issues that affect working class people. We need to build a strong socialist alternative to the establishment parties – on 24th May you can make a difference – Vote Socialist Party No.1.

The legacy of Fianna Fail and PD rule…


Joe Higgins TD – Dublin West

Joe Higgins has been correctly described as “the real opposition” in the Dail. He is the only voice of opposition to the anti-working class policies of the establishment. He lives on the average worker’s wage, spent a month in jail for his opposition to bin charges, and successfully fought against exploitation and the race to the bottom at GAMA.

Cllr. Clare Daly – Dublin North

Clare Daly has an unrivalled record of representing working people in Dublin North. She has campaigned tirelessly for over ten years on many issues such as water charges, against the privatisation of Aer Lingus and for sustainable planning. Clare spent a month in jail for opposing and campaigning against the bin tax. Clare narrowly missed out being elected at the last general election and is tipped to win a seat this time around.

Cllr. Mick Murphy – Dublin South West

Mick Murphy spent three weeks in jail for his active opposition to the bin tax. Shortly after being elected to the Council, he uncovered the scandal at the multinational construction company GAMA who were paying migrant workers only €2.20 an hour! He is the only candidate in Dublin South West who argues for community pressure and action to save Tallaght Children’s Hospital.

Cllr. Mick Barry – Cork North Central

Mick Barry went to jail fighting the bin charges, co-founded the home helps movement that ended low pay for home helps and has organised and led a series of successful housing campaigns. Mick Barry has always been a consistent campaigner for the rights of working class people.

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