SP Assembly Election 07 - Tommy Black condemns new school exams

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22nd Feb. 2007
Press Release 22/02/07

"worse than the 11 plus"

Tommy Black, Socialist Party candidate for East Belfast, today slammed the proposals from Grammar schools to set their own entrance tests as "worse than the 11 plus".

"The 11 plus was an iniquitous system that discriminated against children from working class backgrounds. Now we have the possibility of an even worse system with individual schools setting their own entrance criteria.

"This will put an even greater burden of uncertainty and strain on children and their families. This mess is down to the fact that local politicians have insisted on maintaining academic selection at 11.

"We need to get rid of selection entirely and introduce a fully comprehensive system. This must be adequately funded with more resources in the classroom and smaller class sizes so that all pupils have equal access to a first class education system."

Tommy Black

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