SP Assembly Election 07 - Barbour says "No more privatisation of public services"

Socialist Party Election News - Assembly 2007

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27th Feb. 2007

Press Release 27/02/07

Main Parties support funds for Big Business

Tommy Black challenges the pro business concensus of all the main parties over corporation tax.

East Belfast Socialist Party candidate, Tommy Black, today said

“All the main parties have cow-towed to the business lobby and their demand for a lowering of Corportation Tax to 12.5%.

“This would not create jobs or raise wages – it would just increase profits which are already at record levels.

“While business contributions would be lowered, the main taxation burden would fall more heavily on working class people who are already faced with water charges and unaffordable rate rises.”


Issued by Tommy Black, Belfast East 19.02.07

Extracts of this statement was carried in the Irish News, 28th Feb. 2007

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