Socialist Party Election News - Assembly 2007

Updated: 28th Feb.

Tommy Black, Belfast East Condemns moves to support big business over the poor.   27th Feb. 2007
Jim Barbour, Belfast South Calls for Disclosure on how much government is spending on Water Charges propaganda    26th Feb. 2007

Tommy Black got a great reception on the Belmont Road

   25th Feb. 2007
On Saturday afternoon Tommy, with an enthusiastic team of election workers, met constituents on the Belmont Road. Time and again strong anger was expressed by passers by about the water tax. A lot of people signed the petition opposing these charges.
Appeal for Financial Support   23rd Feb. 2007
Tommy Black condemns the new school exams as "worse than the 11 plus"  Feb. 22nd 2007
Jim Barbour says "No more privatisation of public services - Scrap the Strategic Investment Board"   Feb. 19th 2007
Jim Barbour condemns Rates rises  Feb. 19th 2007
Socialist Party announces it's 2 candidates  Feb. 14th 2007

Vote Socialist

The Socialist Party is standing two candidates in the Assembly Elections on March 7th. They are Tommy Black (East Belfast) and Jim Barbour (South Belfast)

The 2 Socialist Party candidates

Vote Socialist - vote against the Water Charges

Jim Barbour, a leading activist in the Fire Brigades Union and in the water charges campaign.     Tommy Black, leader of the East Belfast We Won't Pay Campaign
Vote Jim Barbour No. 1 - Belfast South     Vote Tommy Black No. 1 - Belfast East