SP Assembly Election 07 - Barbour Calls to reveal how much government is spending on Water Charges propaganda

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26th Feb. 2007

Press Release 26/02/07

Call for Disclosure on how much government is spending on Water Charges propaganda

Jim Barbour joins calls for full disclosure of money spent on water charges propaganda by Govt.

The Socialist Party Assembly candidate for South Belfast Jim Barbour today echoed calls made by the We Won’t Pay Campaign for the total amount of taxpayers money spent on pro-water charges PR to be made public.

“My understanding is that over £500,000 has been wasted on Government lies trying to con people into paying water charges. No doubt this money will be added on to the charges.

“I am demanding that the Government come clean and tell how much they have spent and how much they plan to spend. So far this is half a million down the drain. All they’re doing by wasting this money is convincing more people not to pay.

Issued by Jim Barbour 26.02.07

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