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Socialist Party - Election Financial Appeal

Socialist Party Election Appeal

13 Lombard Street
Belfast BT1 1RB
Tel: 028 90 232962
Email: socialistpartyni@btconnect.com

Dear comrade/friend,

The Socialist Party is running two candidates in the 7 March election to the Northern Ireland Assembly. Our candidates are now seasoned campaigners, having stood in the previous Assembly election and in the 2005 local elections.

Jim Barbour, local leaders of the Fire Brigades Union, is running in South Belfast and Tommy Black, a well know activist at community level, is running in East Belfast. Both candidates are playing a leading role in building the We Won’t Pay Campaign, which is preparing for mass non-payment as the only way to defeat water charges. They are the only candidates who are calling on people to refuse to pay these charges.

Water charges is a key issue for us in the election, but not the only issue. We are also standing to offer working class people and young people an alternative to the dead end of right wing and sectarian politics.

Many people are completely turned off by this election which they correctly see as a sectarian headcount, designed to consolidate the position of Sinn Fein and the DUP.

All the more reason for us to stand to show that there are other forces in the field prepared to offer an alternative.

But a campaign costs money! We do not have the head start of the £9 million per year in Assembly salaries and expense that the MLAs have been claiming.

The Socialist Party relies entirely on the generosity of our members and supporters to give us the money to mount the type of election campaign we want. During this election we will be distributing 100,000 manifestos, tens of thousands of canvass leaflets, and 400 Correx posters.

We are therefore appealing to you to make a donation to help us with our campaign.

Large donations of £100 and more are needed but every donation no matter how small is appreciated and can make a difference.

Please send donations to Socialist Party Election Fund, c/o 13 Lombard Street, Belfast BT1 1RB. Cheques should be made payable to Socialist Party. Direct lodgements can be made in the Socialist Party account. The account details are: Name: Socialist Party. Account Number 10471089, Branch sort code 98-00-40. If you make a lodgement please notify us separately of the amount.

Many thanks in anticipation,


Peter Hadden,

Regional Secretary

Socialist Party

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