SP Assembly Election 07 - Barbour says "No more privatisation of public services"

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19th Feb. 2007

Press Release 19/02/07

"No more privatisation of public services - Scrap the Strategic Investment Board"

Jim Barbour (candidate - South Belfast) says – "No more privatisation of public services - Scrap the Strategic Investment Board"

South Belfast Socialist Party candidate, Jim Barbour today condemned the wholesale privatisation that is taking place of public services and called for the "immediate scrapping of the Strategic Investment Board, the body that is directing this massive sell off"

"People in Northern are facing the biggest ever attack on our public services. Whole parts of our education, health and other services are being handed over to the private sector through Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and other such schemes.

“These schemes cost us more and lead to the obscenity of a handful of people making money from people’s ill health or the education of our children.

“This privatisation is being spearheaded by the Strategic Investment Board which should be renamed the Strategic ‘Privatisation’ Board. This body was set up by the main political parties here in the old Assembly. They gave it the go ahead to start dismantling public services.

“I don’t just want the privatisation programme stopped – I want it reversed. As for the Strategic ‘Privatisation’ Board – it should be scrapped forthwith. The £229,991 that we pay it’s chairman, David Gavaghan, would be better spent on providing hospital beds so patients don’t have to wait on trolleys!”


Issued by Jim Barbour 19.02.07

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