How YOU can help build
the Socialist Alternative

The Socialist Party has one thing different from all the other parties in this election, we have marvellous working class politics.

To help build the working class alternative, we need your help. Canvassing will be held in the estates every weeknight from 7 - 8.30pm, with leafletting at weekends and whenever people are available.

If you can spare any time, please ring 90232962 and say when you're available. it needn't take long, you culd leaflet your local streets or estate.

One thing the other parties have that we don't is money. This campaign will cost several thousand pounds. The main bulk of this cost is ensuring that the manifesto is distributed to the 90,000 houses in the two seats. This is really a question of seed money. We are paying for the material to be distributed in the expectation that we will buld the support for Left politics in the areas.

Copies of an appeal by Tommy Black and a financial appeal are available on the site. please print them off, raise some money, and send it in asap to our office, 13 Lombard Street, Belfast BT1.

Finally, if you live in South and East Belfast, GO OUT and VOTE Socialist on the 26th

Draw up a list of any friends, fellow workers, trade unionists, anti-war activists, whatever, who you know. Let them know of our campaign.

Vote Socialist Party on November 26th.

For more news on the Election Campaign.