News from the Socialist Party election campaign, 2005

Updated, May 11th

Election campaign results - "definitely something to build on"

Read the reports on our campaign. Well done to all the comrades who stood, campaigned for and supported the Socialsit candidates in these elections. We've continued the campaign to build a socialist alternative here to the bigots.

Our 4 candidates in the May 5th Local Government elections are:

Jim Barbour exposes fascist candidate hiding in the Dream Ticket

David Kerr, for decades a local activist with the National Front, then the Third Way, has been exposed as an election candidate in East Antrim.
Read the full press statement here.

Belfast Telegraph By Brian Hutton 03 May 2005

Call for ex-NF man to pull out of poll

Calls were made today for a candidate in the elections to withdraw after a row broke out over his National Front past.

David Kerr, standing in East Antrim for the Vote For Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket, has admitted being a member of the neo-Nazi group in the past and has confirmed that he remains a member of Third Way, an organisation which critics accuse of being fascist.

Jim Barbour, a Socialist Party candidate who is standing in Belfast's Laganbank, constituency said: "I am demanding that the Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket immediately withdraw their endorsement of David Kerr so that the people of East Antrim are aware that they are being asked to vote for a fascist."

Mr Kerr was a member of the National Front from 1974 to 1976 and again from 1984 to 1990, before he helped found Ulster Third Way.

He stood in the assembly elections in November 2003 for Ulster Third Way in West Belfast where he got 16 votes, the lowest poll in Northern Ireland. He also stood in the European elections in 1994.

"For those of us who went to form Ulster Third Way, there were elements that we regret (of being involved with the National Front)," said Mr Kerr.

Issue 1 of the Fermanagh Socialist, our local newsletter. In it we outline some of the policies the SP is standing on.

Paul Dale's poster in Fermanagh, pdf version

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