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Joe Higgins joins Socialist Party election candidates
in calling for non-payment of water charges

Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins, recently jailed for leading the mass non-payment of bin charges in the Dublin area, today visited Belfast to add his voice to the opposition to water charges here.

Joe joined Socialist Party election candidate for South Belfast, Jim Barbour, in handing in a letter of protest to John Spellar, the Minister in charge of Regional Development responsible for pressing ahead with this tax.

Joe commented:

“I spent four weeks in Mountjoy Prison, convicted of the “crime” of defending ordinary people in my constituency who have refused to pay an unjust bin tax imposed by the right wing government in the South.

“The issue is very similar to the water tax as bin charges are clearly a first step to the real agenda which is to privatise the bin service. I have come here to lend my support to the opposition to this tax and to those who are advocating non-payment to defeat it.”

Jim Barbour attacked local parties for their “double standards” on this issue. “The biggest lie I have heard in this election is the claim by the major local parties that they are opposed to water charges. When they were in power they had reached a deal with the British Government to introduce them. Now there is an election they are against them. If and when they get back in this will be just one more broken promise.

“We need organised non-payment to defeat these charges, whether it is an Assembly or Westminster that brings them in.”

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Photo opportunity

Joe Higgins hands in letter of protest to John Spellar

At the

Water Reform Unit, Clarence Court

10-18 Adelaide Street, Belfast

12.00 Noon Today
Copy of the letter Joe handed into the water office

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