Socialist Party

Support for Shorts workers

East Belfast Socialist Party candidate,Tommy Black, today gave full support to Shorts workers, currently in dispute over changed work practices.

“Management have provoked this dispute through their dictatorial methods. The blackmailing attitude of Bombardier - that if the workforce demand a decent pay rise or oppose a worsening of working conditions the company responds by threatening to sack workers or introduce redundancies - must end.

“Behind all this is the attempt to run down the plant so as to switch production to Montreal. Bombardier want to blame the workers for what is in fact a policy decision they have already taken.

“If Bombardier can’t guarantee to maintain jobs with decent pay and conditions in Shorts the company should be taken back into public ownership so that Belfast’s proud tradition of aircraft manufacturing does not go the same way as that of shipbuilding.”

Tommy Black -

Lives in Newtownards Road area
Works as a school caretaker in Ashfield Girls’ High School
Chair of East Belfast “Water Charges “We Won’t Pay Campaign”.
NIPSA representative for Education workers.
Former Chair of Walkway Community Group

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