Socialist Party 20 November 2003

Barbour delivers protest to US Consulate

Jim Barbour, SP candidate in Belfast South with Carmel Gates presenting a letter of protest about the war on Iraq to the American Consulate, Belfast, 20/11/3

Socialist Party candidate for South Belfast Jim Barbour today handed a letter of protest to the US Consulate in Belfast against the state visit of George Bush.

Mr. Barbour who was joined by a delegation of Socialist Party members from South Belfast said " I am voicing my opposition along with the hundreds of thousands of people marching in London today and millions more internationally to the state visit of a warmonger responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Iraq."

" It is a disgrace that local politicians will be having tea with Bush and Blair, and claiming to work for peace. The cost of policing Bush’s visit alone is estimated to be £5 million minimum. Billions of pounds of public money is being spent on the occupation of Iraq. Yet, sick people in Northern Ireland are forced to sleep in hospital corridors, water charges are being imposed on ordinary people, and public services are being destroyed.

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" The occupation of Iraq will only lead to more British and US soldiers and Iraqi lives being wasted. The occupation must end now. The Iraqi people should be allowed to democratically decide the future of their country and its resources. "

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Jim Barbour and the Socialist Party on 028 90 232962 or 07743282321


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