Socialist Party

11 November 2003

Parties running like rats
from the Titanic over water charges

Socialist Party candidate for South Belfast Jim Barbour today accused all the main parties of behaving like rats escaping from Titanic over the water charges issue.

Mr. Barbour, an organiser of the South Belfast Anti-Water Charges Campaign said "The main political parties have obviously been stunned on the doorsteps at the level of opposition to water charges.

In a desperate attempt to avoid responsibility, they are now running away from their original policy on water charges, and trying to blame each other.

It is clear the parties in the Executive were preparing to introduce water charges.

Mr. Barbour said he was heavily involved in building a campaign of non-payment and called on all candidates to support households who refuse to pay the charges.

" We already pay for water. Water charges will mean double taxation.

Householders are within their rights not to pay these unjust charges. All candidates should now announce their support for residents who refuse to pay the water charges."

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