Socialist Party
6 November 2003

Tommy Black accuses Peter Robinson and Reg Empey
of “selling East Belfast for a song”

Tommy Black, Socialist Party candidate for East Belfast has accused the DUP and UUP of selling East Belfast’s industrial heart to Fred Olsen “for a song”:

“Peter Robinson and “Sir” Reg Empey, when they were Ministers, were behind the decision to sell off much of the Harbour Estate to Fred Olsen in his new capacity as property speculator. Much of the industrial heart of East Belfast has been sold off for a song.

“Obviously it never occurred to these parties that this land could have been kept in public ownership and used to provide much needed social housing as well as recreational facilities and industrial development.

“The new Assembly should take the shipyard and its land back into public ownership. Fred Olsen and his company should be put on the first ship that is build and sent back to Norway!”

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