Youth Against Racism Leaflet Text

Stop Racist Attacks – Halt the far-right

RACIST ATTACKS are now taking place on almost a daily basis across Northern Ireland. Last year there were 226 reported incidents and many more that went unreported. Most of these attacks are being orchestrated by far right groups such as the British National Party, the White Nationalist Party and Combat 18.

Members of the Indian, Chinese, Filipino, African and other minority communities are being singled out. The racists play up fears about housing costs, the lack of social housing, lack of jobs and low wages – as though immigrants are somehow responsible.

These problems are not caused by immigrants. They are caused by the present economic system – a system which the far right groups, as with the other political parties here, uphold and defend.

Organise to stop the attacks

Right-wing politicians and the gutter press often accuse immigrants and ethnic minorities for the real problems facing working class people. Instead of allowing immigrants to be scapegoated we need a united campaign to bring together working people whether Catholic, Protestant or from any immigrant community in a common struggle for decent jobs, proper wages and affordable homes for all.

We need to organise in the communities to stop the attacks. Anti- racist organisations must link up with local community organisations and trade unions to mobilise people to stop any attacks taking place on members of minority communities living in their areas.

Don‘t let the fascists organise

The real aim of the neo-fascist far right is to gain a base to organise. If they succeed it will not just be immigrants who will be a target. It will be socialists, trade unionists, community activists and basic democratic rights that will be under threat.

The time to stop the far right is now, when they are small and isolated.

Join us

Youth Against Racism was set up in order to fight against Racism and Fascist parties, not only in Northern Ireland but right across Europe and internationally. We believe that it is imperative to halt such organisations in their infancy. If you agree, then help confront this menace and join Youth Against Racism today!

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