Added 27th October 2006

Tommy Sheridan will be speaking in Belfast

The need for a socialist alternative

5pm [sharp], Holiday Inn hotel, Ormeau Ave (opposite the BBC)

Tommy Sheridan recently made headlines when he took on and defeated the News of the World. The News of the World, which is part of the Murdock media empire, is a right wing rag which consciously targets anyone who stands up against the establishment.

It tried to sling mud at Tommy Sheridan hoping to discredit him and damage the socialist movement in Scotland - but this attempt backfired when Tommy Sheridan courageously took them to court and when a jury of working class people found in his favour.

The News of the World targeted Tommy Sheridan because of his record in fighting for the interests of working class people and for the ideas of Socialism in Scotland.

Tommy was a key leader of the struggle that defeated the poll tax. He was sent to prison during this campaign and made history by winning an election to Glasgow City Council from his prison cell.

Tommy was a founding member of the Scottish Socialist Party which, at the last election, won six seats to the Scottish Parliament. Some leading members of the SSP disgracefully sided with, and gave evidence on behalf of, the News of the World in the libel case. This has led to a split and Tommy Sheridan has launched a new party - "Solidarity, Scotland's Socialist Movement".

The Socialist Party's sister organisation in Scotland has helped launch "Solidarity" and is now actively helping build it.

Here in Northern Ireland, the working class has no political voice. If the Assembly is re-established it will be dominated, as things stand, by right wing sectarian parties who will carry on with the anti working class neo liberal policies now being implemented by New Labour Ministers.

We need a new party to represent the united interests of working class people and to fight for socialist change. What has happened in Scotland has many lessons for us in attempting to build such a party.

Come along to this meeting and hear first hand about the struggle for socialism in Scotland.

This will be a short meeting and will start on time - so try to get there for the 5pm start.

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