Workers Helped Us But TUC Didn't

STEVE MINNEY, a striking miner in 1984 and a member of Nottinghamshire National Union of Mineworkers brought the NUM's fraternal greetings to this year's Socialist Party conference. He told us:

"Trade unionists supported our battle, especially the dockers and the NUR [the railworkers' union]. That's why most coal to power stations had to be transported by road by haulage firms using non-union drivers.

"Internationally the NUM got support from both American and Russian miners and from French trade unions. Unfortunately, Britain TUC only offered support not action... Nationally, the Labour Party under Neil Kinnock was an insult. Kinnock only attended a picket line towards the end of the strike. You can see the natural progression of Kinnock's Labour Party to the Labour Party under Blair today."

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