Turkish Workers' Action Group

Press Statement Friday, 15th April 2005

GAMA workers are to protest at opening of ESB Lanesboro Power Station, Thursday, April 21st.

A letter is being sent to the ESB asking that after the protest, workers should be invited to the opening reception, given that the power station was built on their exploited labour and intense personal hardship working 80 hours per week.

GAMA workers renew their call for publication of the Labour Inspectors' Report: They say it is a report on their working hours, low pay and if GAMA management do not have anything to hide, why are they blocking publication with injunction?

GAMA workers will have a protest at the High Court on Monday April 18th, 10 AM, calling for the Report to be published.

Preliminary steps are being competed to allow workers access their wages in Finansbank Holland.

Hundreds of GAMA workers on a work stoppage have applied to Finansbank Holland for a full statement on their accounts. They expect these statements no later than Monday and can then instruct the bank where to transfer their funds.

Please note: language problems make it impossible to give a contact person for the TWAG. However, Joe Higgins T.D. or Councillor Mick Murphy will confirm the information in this statement.

Joe Higgins, Tel: (01) 618 3038 Cllr. Mick Murphy, Tel: 086 9683814

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