Opposition to 'fascist' rock gig growing

Website warns of plans for concert

By Belfast Telegraph Staff Reporter 18 May 2004

ANTI-FASCIST activists in Ulster are urging venues in the north Antrim area not to host a "neo Nazi" rock concert.

White Nationalist Party supporters are planning to hold a "Blood & Honour" gig in the area to boost support for their ongoing campaign of organisation in Northern Ireland, according to opponents.

The website 'Infoshop News' - which boasts of being a platform for anarchist, activist and alternative news - says the far right group, who have been engaging in sticker and leaflet distribution in north Antrim in recent years, are trying to organise a concert.

The website said: "These thugs have announced that they intend to bring a fascist "Blood & Honour" band over from England to play in the north Antrim area. This concert should not go ahead. The Fascists Out! Campaign are asking every venue in the area to refuse to let fascists use their facilities. Make sure every door in the area is closed to these Hitlerites."

The anti-fascists have also launched their own poster campaign with material stating 'Keep Nazis out of north Antrim'.

A spokesperson for the Fascists Out! campaign said on the website: "For some time we have been monitoring the activities of the White Nazi Party in the Coleraine, Ballymoney, Bushmills and Ballymena areas. These people are spreading racist filth and encouraging cowardly attacks, including petrol bomb attacks, against members of minority communities."

The spokesperson continued: "We do not want fascists organising here. We have enough problems in Northern Ireland with the sectarian conflict without having fascists stirring up more trouble."

White Nationalist Party flags were erected in places like Ballymena but were removed after complaints. Also in the town last year, the loyalist Progressive Unionist Party mobilised supporters to remove racist stickers.

It is understood the WNP is contemplating running in the next local government elections in Northern Ireland. The plans come against a backdrop of increasing racist attacks in Northern Ireland.

A White Nationalist Party source said they were buoyed by the support they were receiving in north Antrim.

"We want to bring over a 'Blood & Honour' band for a fundraising night. We had one before and it was a great success. We are encouraged by the support we have been receiving."

The Sunday Life had carried a report of the Fascists Out! activity in from Portrush.

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Copies of the poster and leafet put up recently in Ballymena. The shop name, and street details will confirm to any cynic that this was in Ballymena. and here is a photo from the Fascists Out! campaign.