Militant Irish Monthly, No. 47, October 1976 Derry Trades Council demands Union Action At a well-attended meeting of Derry Trades Council in September a discussion took place on the Women's Peace Movement. Most delegates who spoke agreed that the women had shown tremendous courage in speaking out against the violence in the north. Two Nations? Bankruptcy of Theories of O'Brien and 'Marxist' Sects This article was originally publised in the first edition of Militant Irish Monthly, in 1972. This copy is taken from our pamphlet, For Workers' Unity A reply to the Workers' Association pamphlet 'What's wrong with Ulster Trade Unionism?'. This was written in 1974 after the WA pamphlet came out argued for a split in the labour movement along sectarian lines. it is our intention to carry all of this pamphlet in the near future. SP Belfast, Nov. 26th 2004 StyleSheet.Parent StyleSheet.Child