NIPSA: Bureaucracy stiffle the Anti-Sectarian Conference - Carmel Gates, Nipsa Broad Left Militant Dec 1989 - January 1990

1989 Press witch-hunt - A few days before the conference of the DHSS section of the public service union, NIPSA, Sunday Life, (12/11/89) carried a scare mongering article on Militant - "Militant Tendency 'assault on NIPSA'."

Added, June 7th - Provisionals: Lessons after 20 years
Lucy Simpson, Militant, Dec 1989-Jan 1990.Twenty years ago this winter saw the birth of the Provisional IRA. They emerged in the aftermath of the upheavals in the North in 1968-9.

Added 23rd May 2004 1690 - 'Derry, Aughrim and the Boyne' - Aidan Campbell, Derry Young Socialists, Militant, July-August 1990
Three hundred years ago William of Orange defeated James II at the Battle of the Boyne. The outcome of the war between William III and James II has led to centuries of struggle and bloody conflict in Ireland, which continues to today.

Added May 23rd - Militant, July-August 1990 - Ciaran Molloy, ATGWU Fermanagh Brooke's talks stalled - socialist solution needed

Added August 13th 2004: Over the Bridge - Part of working class culture - Marc Mulholland, Militant, November 1990
This month sees the return to the stage of one of the most controversial plays in the history of Northern Ireland. The same elements which outrages the ruling class in the late 1950s, makes it of great interest today. The story of labour versus sectarianism in the Harland and Wolff shipyard reflects and now is, a part of the working class culture in the North.

Added June 12th:Birmingham 6: Nightmare Ends, by Ciaran Mulholland, Militant, 23rd March 1991
"I don't believe they are intelligent or honest enough to spell the word 'justice', let alone dispense it. They're rotten!"

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September 1969 paper

Northern Ireland: For a United Workers Defence Force

Withdraw British Troops
Disband B Specials and police thugs
For jobs, schools, homes, take over monopolies
Catholic and Protestant workers fight for a United Socialist Ireland

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Ramparts 2
1969 leaflet 2