Watching Big Brother - Glenn Simpson reviews 'A Matter of Trust MI5 1945-1972' by Nigel West

Militant Irish Monthly Dec 1983 - Jan. 1984, Issue 117
'A Matter of Trust' is a book that should be studied in depth by labour activists. It deals in some detail with the penetration by MI5 and the KGB of the British labour movement. It is worth examining the deep penetration of MI5 into the Communist Party after the war and their more recent work inside the labour movement. Read on.

Trade Unions must oppose supergrasses - Militant Irish Monthly Editorial Board statementMilitant Irish Monthly, March 1984, No. 119
The system of conviction on the basis of the evidence of paid supergrasses practiced by the British government in the North has not a shred of credibility left. Huge sums have been given to bribe people to give evidence which is then the sole basis for convictions. So far the state has refused to supply courts the details of these financial inducements. Read more here

Bulletin of Marxist Studies, Vol. 1. No 3, Spring 1985

Northern Ireland: Marxism and the State - Harry Peters This article was written for the Bulletin of Marxist Studies, a journal produced by Militant suporters in Britain, and as such forms a part of our political heritage. This document is an excellent example of how Marxists should approach issues like the state, in a transistional manner. June 2004.
"The state, as Engels put it, can in the last analysis be reduced to 'armed bodies of men acting in defence of private property'. This understanding is fundamental to Marxism and helps to draw a line of division between the camps of reformism and revolution.A state did not exist in all societies. When there were no classes there was no necessity for a separate body of administrators and agents of coercion to maintain class exploitation."Read the article.

Socialist Party archives for 1984-85

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September 1969 paper

Northern Ireland: For a United Workers Defence Force

Withdraw British Troops
Disband B Specials and police thugs
For jobs, schools, homes, take over monopolies
Catholic and Protestant workers fight for a United Socialist Ireland

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Ramparts 2
1969 leaflet 2