Northern Ireland - For Workers' Unity and Socialism by Peter Hadden in Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, journal of the Marxist Workers' Tendency of the African National Congress, No. 5, January 1982.

The 1982 General strike to support the NHS

Militant Irish Monthly, November 1983, No. 116
The use of supergrasses in Northern Ireland is now being taken up by some sections of the trade union movement. Only the trade union movement can take up such issues in a non-sectarian way, and from the standpoint of defending the common class interests of all workers. Read the article.

Socialist Party archives for 1982-83

In 1969 the comrades were called the Militant Tendency within the British Labour Party. With the on surge of the political upheaval in Northern Ireland the British cdes made initial contacts with activists in the Derry Labour Party, recruiting the members to Marxism.

September 1969 paper

Northern Ireland: For a United Workers Defence Force

Withdraw British Troops
Disband B Specials and police thugs
For jobs, schools, homes, take over monopolies
Catholic and Protestant workers fight for a United Socialist Ireland

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Ramparts 2
1969 leaflet 2