Added Sept. 14th Militant Irish Monthly, May 1980, No. 83 - Editorial: H-Block
The inhuman conditions being inflicted on prisoners in the H-Blocks and in Armagh prison must be opposed by the Labour movement.

added. Sept. 18th:
Peacekeeping' in Northern Ireland - Ambush at Tully West, written by Kennedy Lindsay.
A review from Militant Irish Monthly, No. 83, May 1980.
It is usual when allegations are made against the British army and the police and their various under-cover agencies in Northern Ireland to hear the cry that the allegations are IRA propaganda. One of the things that sets this book apart from other publications and statements on this subject is that the author could by no stretch of the imagination be described as sympathetic to the IRA.

Ireland and H-Blocks - from the Bulletin, March 1981, of the British cdes. This was a discussion in late 1980 between one of the local branchs and the Executive on how to raise the demands on prison conditions. Read more here

Added 22nd May H-Block crisis Tories to blame - Peter Hadden, Militant Irish Monthly July-August 1981

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September 1969 paper

Northern Ireland: For a United Workers Defence Force

Withdraw British Troops
Disband B Specials and police thugs
For jobs, schools, homes, take over monopolies
Catholic and Protestant workers fight for a United Socialist Ireland

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1969 leaflet 2