Bennett Report - Police Torture exposed
Peter Hadden in Militant Irish Monthly, April 1979
Police doctor, Robert Irwin’s statement that he had recorded no less than 150 cases of injuries inflicted on prisoners during police interrogation has served to expose the methods used by the police in Castlereagh, Geogh and other police barracks in Northern Ireland.

Added 22nd May An early statement of our position on the H Block protests, 1979

Mass Action not Individual terror - Militant Irish Monthly, No. 77 Oct. 1979
Peter Hadden, South Belfast branch, Labour and Trade Union Group
The killing of Lord Mountbatten, among others, at Mullaghmore and the deaths of 18 soldiers near Warrenpoint have focussed attention on the campaign of individual terror being waged by the Provisional IRA. Read more here

Socialist Party archives for 1978-9


September 1969 paper

Northern Ireland: For a United Workers Defence Force

· Withdraw British Troops
· Disband B Specials and police thugs
· For jobs, schools, homes, take over monopolies
· Catholic and Protestant workers fight for a United Socialist Ireland

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Ramparts 2
1969 leaflet 2