Socialist Party archives for 1972-3

The first edition of our own paper, Militant Irish Monthly appeared in January 1972 and we used it to publcise a number of key policies. This landlmark for us was quickly followed by the massacre of Bloody Sunday, January 30th. The cdes quickly responded with articles in the British weekly paper.
Going into 1973 we comment on one of the numerous 'solutions' to the Troubles.

Added May 31st Militant, January 1972One answer: Workers Unity

British paper, 4th Feb. 72
Militant Irish Monthly No. 1
January 1972

One answer: Workers Unity

Provisional IRA strategy will not defeat imperialism Militant Irish Monthly, No. 1, January 1972 Militant Irish Monthly No. 1
January 1972
Derry - This was murder 4th Feb. 1972

April 1972 edition of the paper
Militant Irish Monthly, May 1972, No. 2 Irish Workers power only answer - Finbar Geaney, Militant, May 1972, No. 2
Militant Irish Monthly, May 1972 Widgery Report: Derry Murders Condoned
The publication of the Widgery Report has given the people of Northern Ireland yet another taste of 'impartial' British justice.

Militant Irish Monthly September 1972 - Protestant Workers and the Struggle for Socialism Can the Protestant working class be won to the fight for class unity and socialism?
Militant Irish Monthly, Nov. 1973, issue 18 No power sharing - no coalition - Independent programme for Labour - Workers unite against repression by Bridget O'Toole, Coleraine Northern Ireland Labour Party
November 1973, the 18th edition of the paper
January 1973, edition 9 March 1973, the 11th edition of the paper